Help support California SB519 to Decriminalize psychedelics

Deadline March 29, 2021

From Decriminalize Nature:

Exciting happenings in California! As you may have heard Senator Wiener introduced SB519 recently, which would decriminalize psychedelics in California. Decriminalize Nature has been working closely with his office to advocate for entheogenic plants and fungi, the grow-gather-gift model, and community based practice, which we were happy to see were all included in the bill. To read the bill please go to this link:


Now we need your help! Please write a letter in support to help make this bill a reality. We have attached two letter templates to the email that you can use to write your letter, making it super easy to participate. One template is for individual letters and one is for organizations. If you are writing as an organization, please make sure to include the information in the screenshot on your letter. 


When you finish your letter you will need to upload it to the portal at the following link. There are a few easy steps to complete the process.


On the letter submission portal link, You will have to fill out a few details like 

• Are you a registered lobbyist (no)

• Do you represent an organization (if so add org name and role)

• First and Last Name and email address (street address not required)

The temporary password will be sent to your email address to sign in


Login using email address and temp password. They will ask you to add a new password


Once Logged in, Click submit a letter 

Select Bill SB 519 click “search” then “next”

Then click “Support” and upload the letter and submit!


Make sure to have the letter submitted by March 9th  2021 so that it is included and please send this along to anyone you think would be interested in supporting SB 519. We need lots of support to make sure this passes so every letter counts!


Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank you!


Individual Letter of Support

Organization Letter of Support


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