Jennifer Christian, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist, PSY30295

Holistic Psychotherapy &
Mindfulness Coaching
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Welcome to my website! I work with individuals seeking self-improvement that want to reconnect to their innate sense of aliveness and capacity to thrive. I address the mind, body, and spirit in my practice, by empowering individuals to trust in their own experience and tune in deeply to presence and healing. 


I work collaboratively with individuals to make a self-care plan that addresses their goals and the unique challenges they may face. You will learn to build the tools needed that facilitate healing, self-awareness, and personal growth. 


I work with beginners interested in learning to meditate as well as advanced practitioners. Mindfulness meditation is offered as a component of the treatment plan, though it is not required.



Office Location:


4053 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94114


Tel: (415) 562-8607

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm